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Posted on 12-29-2015

I want to speak to you about weight loss, not just because you will look better, but because you will feel better and more importantly than that will prevent or even reverse serious disease!

Listen folks we have had a lot of great success in helping people achieve lasting weight loss and health goals and as the New Year’s goals and resolutions are upon us, many of you are struggling to lose the unwanted pounds.  Or perhaps you are experiencing the following symptoms and would like to get rid of them; chronic fatigue, digestive issues, thinning hair, depression, trouble concentrating, chronic aches and pains and many others.  I want you to know something, the programs, diets and supplements failed you!  That is an important statement!  You did not fail! Rather the programs, diets and supplements failed you! And there is a reason!

Are you eating like a bird and exercising all the time and yet you can’t lose the weight?  I hear that a lot and perhaps it is not your fault.  You shouldn’t have to starve yourself and exercise to maintain a normal weight. 

We’ve identified the key trigger, the reason most women and men over the age of 35 develop a condition we call weight loss resistance.  It has everything to do with either a shift in thyroid function, one that isn’t detected by the tests your doctors normally run, or Chemical toxicity. 

There are 1000’s of chemical toxins that we breathe in our air, ingest in our food and water and put on and in our bodies from our personal care products.  Not to mention all the chemicals we contact or breathe in from cleaning products and plastics.  Many of these chemical toxins are endocrine disruptors that are to say to mess up our hormones!  We call them Obesagens! meaning they cause you to become overweight or obese!  If you have these toxins hiding in your tissues, not only will you have trouble losing weight, you will gain it very easily!  Either way it’s not your fault.  But you need to do something about it or it will get worse and perhaps even lead to a major health crisis!  Unfortunately a colon cleanse or “9 day detox” will not solve this problem.

Call us today for a Free, no obligation appointment to reverse weight loss resistance and never feel like you need another diet program again.  You will be empowered to address the cause and gain control of your metabolism and your health. 

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