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Almost every Chiropractor in the world adjusts their own children on a regular basis. The best science and research prove that having the spine and nervous system of a child checked and adjusted regularly by a Chiropractor is one of the most important and necessary strategies a parent can utilize for their family’s health.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the public have not been educated on the importance of spinal health for adults or children. Most people have been led to believe that Chiropractic care is only for individuals with back or neck pain. Chiropractors all over the world have been working for the last 120 years to educate the public about the true benefits of Chiropractic care and how the health of the nervous system impacts the health and quality function of the entire body.

A 1992 study revealed that the birth process is one of the most physically traumatic events a human will encounter in their lifetime. Evidence from the study showed that the majority of newborns suffer from micro-trauma of the brain stem tissues. The study noted that during an average birth, minor yet harmful physical trauma causes misalignment of the upper neck area that directly interferes with function of the central nervous system. The authors studied six hundred children under the age of 2 years old and found some form of asymmetry of posture, alignment, and/or movement in every infant assessed.

Some of the signs and symptoms attributed directly to the interference in the nervous system created by the upper neck asymmetries were  problems breastfeeding, torticollis, sleeping disorders, loss of appetite, feet deformities, swelling of the face/head, fever of unknown origin, extreme sensitivity of the neck, and
parents who reported infants not eating or drinking well. Corroborating many other similar studies, adults or babies with upper neck syndromes, called vertebral subluxations, often exhibited no outward signs or symptoms at all. Because the majority of vertebral subluxations can occur with no symptoms, Chiropractors spend much of their time educating parents on the dangers of spinal misalignment and its effects on human health, particularly as it relates to infants and children with or without symptoms.
Studies prove what Chiropractors have been saying for over 120 years: every infant, child, and adult should be properly educated about the direct link between the high quality health and a healthy spine and nervous system. That education translates into a proactive pursuit of Chiropractic care on a regular basis to remove subtle, spinal misalignments and asymmetries that cause disease.

One conclusion to this particular study stated that doctors should check all children for restricted movement of the head and for increased pain sensitivity of the upper cervical spine. Pediatricians and parents alike are often not only unaware of this research but also receive little very little training or guidance on necessary steps required to assess and cultivate an infant’s healthy spine and nervous system.

The most significant part of this study showed that the infants treated with a gentle adjustment based on physical and radiological(x-ray) spinal assessments achieved extraordinary reductions in the list of ailments. The results not only resolved issues evident to parents, but adjustments of the upper neck region also led to the disappearance of problems that parents had not even reported because they did not see a connection between their concerns and the spine. Research continues to support the firm foundation that Chiropractic  care provides an avenue for overall health much more powerful than simply alleviating pain or symptoms.

Chiropractic care can certainly help reduce or eliminate pain, but optimizing the function of the body requires proactive care that unlocks the body’s potential to prevent pain and disease from ever happening. An adjustment empowers the nervous system to operate as intended. Health care exists not just when pain subsides, but when abundant life flows freely through the body.

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